By Joseph M. Dickens, DDS
June 30, 2014
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Oral Health is a Family Matter

How many activities does your family participate in? Maybe there isn’t as many as you would hope, but that’s because different schedules make it difficult to get together. Family Dentistry Oral Health
When it comes to your morning and night routine, you can do one thing as a family—brushing and flossing.

Keep Oral Hygiene at the Forefront of Your Family’s Routine

Mornings can be hectic and nights can be exhausting, so it might be tempting to just use mouthwash or gum and call it a day.
However, you can’t let those extra two minutes slip by without brushing or flossing. Your family has to make time to clean teeth. Whether it’s getting up a little earlier or having it on your to-do list, you need to keep oral hygiene at the forefront of your family’s routine.  

Keep Your Family Members Accountable 

It’s easier to let bad habits build, and it’s harder to break them down with healthier practices. A support system can keep you and loved ones on the right track.
Remind your family to brush and floss every morning. Believe us—they will thank you later when they leave the dentist office with a thumbs-up.
Are you in need of preventative care? Or do you have some great tips for staying motivated? Call our family dentistry in Towson at (410) 583-0800.  
By Joseph M. Dickens, DDS
May 28, 2014
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Promote National Bike Month and Cycle to Your Next Dental Appointment

Did you know that it’s National Bike Month? Biking has become a popular and exciting option for those looking to get around their city. It’s a great way to take in the gorgeous local sites and get some much-needed exercise. It’s pretty obvious that bicycling definitely has an edge over sitting in a stuffy car or cramming onto an already crowded train car. Can you believe that from 2000 to 2011, the number of people commuting to work via bike in the United States great to over 47 percent?  Dental Visit
So, with the beautiful weather in full swing and your next dentist visit in Towson, MD fast approaching, there’s no better time to dust off you bike and peddle your way to our office. 
National Bike Month has seen a number of benefits over the years including less dependence on gasoline, an increase in exercise (and you know how we love it when people take a vested interest in their health!), and less traffic. No one likes having to sit in traffic for hours just to get to the store, our dental office in Towson, or home. Instead of getting road rage, opt for a bike. You’ll get to enjoy being outside for a bit and you won’t have to deal with highway backups. 
In fact, we’ve even had some of our Towson dentists and staff bike to work this month. They’ve only had great things to say about the experience and it’s a great way to break up the monotony of the day. It’s amazing how much more energy you have in the morning when you enjoy a lovely workout before coming to the office!
So if you’re seeing one of our dentists in Towson, MD during the month of May, make sure to honk your bike horn and wave to us as you come to our Towson dental office. We love to see our bike-loving patients enjoying a gorgeous day outside and getting some exercise.
By Joseph M. Dickens, DDS
April 28, 2014
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Common Denture Misconceptions

Do you remember the Chattery Teeth? It was a popular wind-up toy. Once you wound up and let the teeth go, it would chatter across the floor. You might be thinking—what does this have to do with denture misconceptions? Dentures
Thanks to cartoons and other TV shows, dentures have got a bad rap. There is this negative image that dentures fall out at any given moment. Honestly, how many times have you seen a show or movie that has grandma losing her teeth (dentures)?

Main Misconception of “Flying Dentures”

Prosthetic dental devices don’t just fly out of your mouth every time you speak. Unfortunately, that’s what most people believe when they picture wearing dentures.
In the past, the design and fit of dentures may have been less than perfect, but modern technology has significantly improved the fit and esthetic appeal of full and partial dentures.
If anything, modern dentures can still slip in the mouth, but that’s due to it being ill fitted. Plus, it’s a matter of finding a dentist who works with you to produce dentures that will sit properly in your mouth.

What do dentures have to offer?

Dr. Dickens ensures every denture wearer leaves his office with a smile. To make that happen, he follows a set process:
  • Diagnose – to determine the type of denture you need
  • Impression – to ensure the denture fits the mold of your mouth, bite and jaw function
  • Shade determination – to create a natural look
  • Time – to mold, fit and produce dentures you will be happy wearing

Cement Your Smile With Dentures

Now that you understand that dentures could be a good fit for you, partial or full dentures in Towson are available. To schedule an appointment for dentures, Towson dentist office of Dr. Joseph Dickens can take your call. Our main line is (410) 583-0800. 

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