By Joseph M. Dickens, DDS
June 30, 2014
Category: Dentistry

Oral Health is a Family Matter

How many activities does your family participate in? Maybe there isn’t as many as you would hope, but that’s because different schedules make it difficult to get together. Family Dentistry Oral Health
When it comes to your morning and night routine, you can do one thing as a family—brushing and flossing.

Keep Oral Hygiene at the Forefront of Your Family’s Routine

Mornings can be hectic and nights can be exhausting, so it might be tempting to just use mouthwash or gum and call it a day.
However, you can’t let those extra two minutes slip by without brushing or flossing. Your family has to make time to clean teeth. Whether it’s getting up a little earlier or having it on your to-do list, you need to keep oral hygiene at the forefront of your family’s routine.  

Keep Your Family Members Accountable 

It’s easier to let bad habits build, and it’s harder to break them down with healthier practices. A support system can keep you and loved ones on the right track.
Remind your family to brush and floss every morning. Believe us—they will thank you later when they leave the dentist office with a thumbs-up.
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